What are worm castings?

worm-castingsWhat are worm castings?

Worm castings are an organic form of fertilizer produced from various worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms. Organic Earthworm Castings are 100% Natural, with a healthy, earthy odor and the appearance of coffee grounds.

Also known as vermicast, worm castings manure is essentially earthworm waste, otherwise known as worm poo. As these creatures eat through compost, their waste creates an optimal soil enricher. Worm castings resemble football-shaped particles that improve soil aeration and drainage, as well as increase water retention in the soil.

Worm Castings are the richest natural fertilizer known to humans. It’s a fact that as little as a tablespoon of pure worm castings provides enough organic plant nutrients to feed a 6″ potted plant for more than two months. Hard to believe, but it is an amazing truth.

Adding this casting manure to the soil aerates and improves its overall structure while providing beneficial nutrients to plants. They are also effective for repelling many pests that feed on plants, such as aphids and spider mites.

Quality Assurance:

  • Lab Tested: 99% Pure Organic Worm-Castings
  • Not produced with yard waste, landfill waste or compost
  • Not made with Horse, Cow or any grazing animal manure
  • Guaranteed Weedseed free
  • Organic Material Review Institute “OMRI” listed
  • Indoor manufactured and fed a controlled quality diet
  • The worms Diet includes high quality mineral rock dust
  • Free of E-Coli and Salmonella
  • Contains natural soil microbes
  • Guaranteed the Highest Standard for Worm-Castings


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