soil-FAQsFrequently Asked Questions about Organic Soil

Through our many years of helping curious growers, we have naturally encountered a few common questions we would like to share:

Seriously, all I need to do is add water?

We know this seems impossible, but yes, just add water. Our mix is jam packed with everything your plant needs to reach its full potential.

Will this work for various kinds of crops?

Yes, our diverse ingredients provide for a full spectrum of fruiting plants.


Do I need to flush the plant?

No, SoHum is designed to provide your plants essential nutrients through their entire life cycle. Simply place trays under your pots to keep the ecosystem alive.

Can I sprout seeds or place clones in SoHum?

Yes, SoHum was crafted for the complete lifecycle of your plant without burning your starters.

I am not an experienced grower, do I need anything else
to make this work?

We have taken all the work out of growing plants by pre- amending SoHum with all the macro and micro nutrients your plants need. Seriously, just add water.
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