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S2.E5. 2020 Investments. Delivery Drones. Big Business Cannabis. POS Sales.

Listen to “S2.E5. 2020 Investments. Delivery Drones. Big Business Cannabis. POS Sales.” on Spreaker. What Might Be Attractive Investments in 2020? Anthony Planas is our guest financial adviser on the cannabis
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Grow Advice, VPD, Living Soils, and More, with Ellis Smith from SoHum Soils

 Ellis Smith from SoHum Soils and American Cannabis Consulting is on the show to talk about grow tips, the regenerative soil movement, and his consulting work. Ellis talks about why he’s so passionate
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What is living soil?

Video Transcript: I’m Ellis Smith reporting from the SoHum warehouse here in Denver, Colorado.  I want to talk to you today about, “What is Living Soil?”. Living Soil is a
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Different Uses for SoHum Living Soils – Home vs Commercial Usability

Video Transcript: Hey, Ellis Smith here at the SoHum Living Soils headquarter in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for tuning in today. I get a lot of questions about what are the
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Adding to Soil & Replenishing

Video Transcript: Hey, Ellis Smith here reporting from the SoHum Living Soils headquarter, here in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for tuning in. I want to talk to you all today about
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Raised Beds & No-Till systems with Sohum Soils

Video Transcript: Ellis Smith here at the SoHum Living Soils headquarter in Denver, Colorado. I want to reach out to the audience here and talk about using SoHum Living Soils
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SoHum Living Soils for Veggies

Video Transcript: Ellis Smith here at SoHum Living Soils here in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for tuning in. I want to talk to you today about using SoHum in your vegetable
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What is the best soil for growing?

Video Transcript: Alright. Ellis Smith here, with SoHum Living Soils. I hope y’all are doing well today. I want to reach out to y’all and talk a little bit about
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How to get the right temperature for growing cannabis plants

Cannabis Temperature For Indoor Grow Rooms

Growing temperature is very important to encourage photosynthesis and promote the health of cannabis plants, especially in grow rooms. Improper temperature can make or break a crop and should be
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when to top cannabis

When to Top Cannabis Plants

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors topping your cannabis plants helps to produce a bigger and better yield, which is every grower’s primary goal. The first thing to understand is
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Cultivation Requirements for Plant Growth

Cultivation Requirements for Cannabis Plant Growth

A growth medium is one of the most important elements of health for any plant. The classic growth medium, of course, is outdoor soil. Over the years, growers have experimented
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What are worm castings?

What are worm castings? Worm castings are an organic form of fertilizer produced from various worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms. Organic Earthworm Castings are 100% Natural, with
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Nutrient Deficiency in Cannabis Plants: Expert Guide

Nutrient Deficiencies in Cannabis plants will destroy their chance of growing into large, blooming buds. Growers use nutrients to grow big, beautiful, sticky buds. Whether you’re growing soil or hydroponic,
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Growing Medium Guide for Cannabis Plants

SoHum Living Soils® simply the best soil for cannabis plants. From the novice grower to professional cultivators who love our living soil as it takes most of the guesswork out
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How much water do your cannabis plants need?

How Much Water Does It Take to Grow Cannabis?

One of the challenges of growing cannabis indoors is knowing how much water to feed your plants. In nature, plants have the advantage of natural rainfall and drainage and only
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What Is Super Soil and What Are Its Benefits

What Is Super Soil? The Growing Game-changer

Super soil has gained created popularity among growers, with the boom of the legal cannabis industry, a peaceful arms race of sorts has emerged and growers are under pressure to
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Growing Indica Sativa and Hybrid Cannabis

Differences in Growing Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis

When growing cannabis strains, it is important to know exactly how to care for the specific types you grow. Different strains have different needs, and meeting them appropriately can help
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growing cannabis

Growing Cannabis: 10 Tips for Success with Growing Your Own Weed

Growing Cannabis & Where to Start Ever thought about growing your own cannabis? It’s a great hobby akin to gardening. But, instead of being left with a bunch of tomatoes,
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What is the best soil for a vegetable garden?

The BEST Soil for A Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Soil 101: So, you’re looking for the best vegetable garden soil for your new garden – where to even start, with so many choices? In this article, we
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Little Helpers: How Soil Microbes are the Key to a Prosperous Cannabis Garden

Cannabis has come a long way to become the multi-billion industry it is now. It could be worth $35 billion by next year. Overcoming the stigma and false reporting in
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Home Growing 101

Growing at home for the first time can be an exhilarating experience, especially when your state says it’s okay for you to do so. The legalization of medical and adult-use
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Cloning 101

Cloning, also known as propagation, is not as hard as some folks make it out to be. With healthy plants, good techniques and environmental controls you can easily create many
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Pruning & Training Cannabis Plants for Maximum Production

Growing cannabis can be an artful process. There are so many ways to grow the plant and so many different pruning techniques that can bring huge benefits when properly executed.
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Trellising and Staking Cannabis Plants for Support

Cannabis plants can grow very tall and most likely will require you to give them some sort of support to keep from falling over causing irreversible damage to the plant.
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When to Harvest 101

HARVEST….It’s the time you have been waiting for! In preparation for your big day, you will want to be sure to flush your plants with water only for at least 7 days prior to
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