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growing cannabis plants with SoHum Living Soils and AutoPots

SoHum Living Soils® + AutoPots: The Simplest Path to a Productive Grow

SoHum Living Soils® is designed as a just-add-water organic grow medium and contains all the nutrients your cannabis plants require to grow from seed to harvest. Using a water-only grow
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water-only cannabis

SoHum Wins Water-Only Cannabis Grow Challenge

At SoHum, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of growing cannabis. We believe that you can get a cleaner, greener cannabis crop with water-only growing practices, and we created
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cannabis plant grown using a water only method

Why Should I Use a Water Only Method to Grow Cannabis Plants?

There are many different methods used to grow cannabis plants, and they are not equal. Some cultivation methods produce a cleaner, greener product, while others may potentially result in the
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best watering style for cannabis plants

What Style of Watering Is Best for Your Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation?

One of the most important decisions you have to make when setting up a commercial cannabis grow operation is choosing an irrigation system to use. When you are using living
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best practices for commercial cannabis grow operation

What Style of Growing Is Best for Your Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation?

There are many decisions to make when setting up a commercial cannabis grow operation. One of the most important choices involves which growing style to use. There are several different
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clean green cannabis growing

Best Practices for Clean Green Growing

Clean green growing is an emerging trend in the cannabis industry, and for good reason. Not only does it provide an enhanced overall experience, but it also addresses a social
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SoHum Living Soils is OMRI Certified

SoHum Living Soils Receives OMRI and Clean Green Dual Certification

SoHum Living Soils® is proud to announce that we’ve received an OMRI and Clean Green dual certification for our living soil products. These certifications are crucial if you’re trying to
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cannabis grow operation using living soil

Living Soil vs. Hydroponics: Which Is Better?

When starting a new cannabis grow operation, there are a few key factors that one must consider as you begin setting up your space, specifically, whether you are going to
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living soil for a commercial cannabis grow operation

What Is the Best Soil for Your Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation?

One of the most critical factors to determining the success of your commercial cannabis grow operation is choosing the right soil. Not every type of soil is ideally suited for
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Cannabis Bug Management

Integrated Pest Management

by Ellis Smith, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer American Cannabis Company   What is Integrated Pest Management or what commercial cannabis growers refer to as IPM? Per Growers Network, “Integrated Pest
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Cloning Marijuana Plants

Cloning 101

by Ellis Smith, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer American Cannabis Company   Cloning, also known as propagation, is not as hard as some folks make it out to be. With healthy
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Curing Marijuana in Jars

How to Properly Cure Cannabis

by Ellis Smith, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer American Cannabis Company   From the moment your crop is harvested it begins to degrade as enzymes and aerobic bacteria break down excess
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Drying Cannabis

Drying Your Cannabis Plants

by Ellis Smith, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer – American Cannabis Company   After spending over 100 days nurturing and growing your plants it is now harvest time! Drying your
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living soil used in a vegetable garden

SoHum Living Soils®: “Not Just for Cannabis Anymore!”

There is a reason SoHum has chosen to focus on living soil. It is one of the most versatile solutions for growers of any skill level. However, while the majority
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living soil for cannabis plants

Why Should I Use Living Soil in My Cannabis Grow?

There are many elements that go into producing exceptional quality cannabis plants. Quality genetics is the first “must have” of any top shelf commercial cultivation operation, but one of the
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SoHum Living Soils authorized retailer

Become a SoHum Authorized Retailer

In an effort to establish a true partnership with our valued retailers, SoHum Living Soils® has created an Authorized Retailer Program. When you become a SoHum Authorized Retailer, you will
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New SoHum Bulk Totes Cut Labor Costs for Commercial Growers

SoHum Living Soils is proud to announce the arrival of our new custom commercial totes. These bags are geared specifically for commercial growers, and they offer a variety of benefits
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SoHum Living Soils® Online Sales Will Look Different in 2021

At SoHum Living Soils®, we truly value our customers and always strive to provide the best possible experience for you. Part of this involves creating the best soil products that
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Cannabis and Flow

Listen to “Cannabis and Flow” on Spreaker. Cannabis and Flow with Steven Kotler, Executive Director of Flow Research Collective and Will Kleidon, CEO, and Founder of Ojai Energetics. Kleidon and
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Soil To The Oil With Kristen Yoder

Listen to “Soil To The Oil With Kristen Yoder” on Spreaker. Soil To The Oil with Kristen Yoder. Kristen is the CEO of the cannabis business advisory firm Soil to
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Streamlining Cannabis Packaging

Listen to “Streamlining Cannabis Packaging” on Spreaker. Streamlining cannabis packaging with Phillip Harrison of Durapack. With the cannabis legalization boom, more and more cannabis organizations are looking for solutions to
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Cannabis Banking

Listen to “Cannabis Banking” on Spreaker. Cannabis Banking with attorney and CEO of Abaca, Dan Roda. Dan is a sought-after speaker on cannabis banking and compliance. With degrees from Tulane
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Commercial Scale Hemp Paper

Listen to “Commercial Scale Hemp Paper” on Spreaker. Commercial scale hemp paper with CEO of TINY e PAPER, Erica Halverson. TINY e PAPER CO makes 100% pure hemp paper on
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Cannabiscope with co-founder and CEO David Schacter. Cannabiscope is creating a platform that will allow users to easily navigate products and find what’s best suited for them. Cannabiscope is going
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How To Boost Hemp Production Using Multispectral Imagery

* Learn about modern, specialty precision agriculture tailored to your needs to improve crop quality and yields. * Learn to ask the right questions to make a decision on whether
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