SoHum Wins Water-Only Cannabis Grow Challenge

At SoHum, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of growing cannabis. We believe that you can get a cleaner, greener cannabis crop with water-only growing practices, and we created a soil to give great results under these conditions.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that SoHum won the water-only challenge performed by celebrity grower Chad Westport of the Future Cannabis Project and Twin Peaks Cannabis. After completing a full grow of 8 plants from seed using only soil and water, Chad declared SoHum Living Soils super soil mix the best growing medium in terms of the product produced.

Why Choose a Water-Only Cannabis Growing Method

water-only cannabisA water only method is the best way to prevent the bioaccumulation of toxic metals in your cannabis plant. Cannabis is a natural bio-accumulator, as are humans. Exposing yourself to cannabis with high levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury can cause negative health effects. Since many of us see cannabis as a healthier, natural approach to medication and recreation, we want to avoid this.

A water-only growth approach gives you control over all the elements entering the plant. Starting with a soil free from toxic metals, like SoHum Living Soil, and adding only pure water, helps your home-grown cannabis avoid heavy metal bioaccumulation.

The Water-Only Grow Challenge

In a water-only grow, you are highly dependent on the quality of the soil for the quality of plant you produce. Therefore, Chad Westport designed a Water-Only Soil Challenge to test various soils and see which one performed the best. Chad selected four soils – SoHum, KIS Organics, Appellation Supply, and a mystery soil. These are all great living soils, and we’re honored to be in this company. (We’re leaving Chad to reveal the mystery soil in his next video.)

For this challenge, all 8 plants grew entirely in the selected soil. They were transplanted from one-gallon pots into 7-gallon pots, then grown for ten weeks. To better assess the differences in soils, Chad grew two plants each of four different cultivars so that every soil had two different cultivars in it and every cultivar was grown in two different soils. Ten days after transplant, they were moved to flower and all plants flowered by the end of the 60-day timetable.

At the end of the grow cycle, Chad harvested all plants, and assessed the products.

SoHum Wins the Challenge

After harvest, Chad assessed the products from each plant to determine which soil led to the best product. He assessed products in terms of yield, terpene profile, and a few other characteristics he’ll explain in more detail in his video, pronouncing SoHum the winner of the challenge.

SoHum Lets You Grow Great Cannabis Easy, Clean, and Green

If you are looking for an easy way to get great yields of cannabis plants while maintaining all the excellent properties you chose your cultivars for, then choose SoHum Living Soils. Our soil includes everything your plants need to make it to harvest. Just add water and let nature do the rest.

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