What Is the Best Soil for Your Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation?

One of the most critical factors to determining the success of your commercial cannabis grow operation is choosing the right soil. Not every type of soil is ideally suited for growing cannabis and by choosing the wrong soil, you could effectively make growing a quality product significantly more challenging. If you are looking for the best soil for a commercial cannabis grow operation, living soil provides a wide range of benefits compared to the other options available. Below are some of the reasons to consider living soil with your commercial grow.

Living Soil Uses Microbials to Provide Plant Nutrition

Plants are most comparable to humans in the sense that they are what they eat. There are, without a doubt, adverse side effects to the various synthetic chemicals that are used in most commercial cannabis grow operations throughout the country. Living soil provides an organic based foundation for safely and effectively cultivating cannabis by eliminating the need for such chemicals. By simply adding water, living soil will provide your plant all the nutrients it requires to thrive and produce high quality yields with enhanced cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Cannabis is a bio-accumulator, meaning that any materials in the soil will be absorbed by the plant, including any heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. When chemicals such as non-organic, salt-based nutrients and fertilizers are added to the soil, those chemicals must be “flushed” before harvest or they will remain in the flower and consumed by the end-user.  Living soil does NOT require flushing due to the simple fact that nothing synthetic has been added to the growing medium.

living soil

Living Soil Helps Lower Human Error and Reduces Your Costs

When using living soil, you are also able to reduce any added costs from buying nutrients to supplement your soil.

By eliminating costly, unhealthy additives, you will also eliminate the need to:

  • Determine which nutrients and mixtures to utilize, which requires time for research
  • Calculate the amounts of each component to add
  • Properly mix nutrients to the recommended formulation
  • Apply the nutrients at the most applicable time of either the veg or bloom cycle

Additionally, all of these steps present an opportunity for human error, which can ultimately jeopardize or even ruin your grow and add to your costs.

Avoiding the use of additional nutrients will save you money in the long run by significantly reducing the cost to grow. With living soil, you can consistently grow for less than $1/gram, which over time, will boost your profitability considerably.

Is Living Soil Scalable for Commercial Outdoor Cultivation?

If you are growing outdoors with living soil, chances are you are most likely not going to use raised beds as there is far too much soil volume for this method to be practical. Ultimately, you will end up wasting a lot of living soil, which can be costly to your grow operation.

However, living soil can be very practical if you grow in small containers or grow bags outdoors, minimizing the amount of living soil you need to use with each plant. This ensures you are primarily using the living soil where it is imperative – within the primary root zone and structure. Through this approach, living soil becomes very scalable and is well suited to the needs of a commercial grow operation.

SoHum Living Soil Can Set Your Operations Up for Success

SoHum Living Soil products have been designed with the needs of commercial growers in mind. When you use SoHum Living Soil, you will be on the forefront of sustainable, greener growing which will pay dividends in the quality of your plants, while consumers will benefit from a healthier product that is free of chemicals.

Use our store locator to find a SoHum distributor near you or contact us directly to place a commercial order for your cannabis grow operations.

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