SoHum Living Soils® + AutoPots: The Simplest Path to a Productive Grow

SoHum Living Soils® is designed as a just-add-water organic grow medium and contains all the nutrients your cannabis plants require to grow from seed to harvest. Using a water-only grow method has several benefits for your cannabis plants.

That leaves only one problem to solve: how much should you water? Plants can’t tell you they’re thirsty, and by the time their leaves show the signs of water shortage, your grow has already been negatively impacted. However, the fact is most people overwater cannabis plants. The cannabis plant is relatively drought tolerant, therefore, overwatering can stunt the plants and reduce your yield and quality more than underwatering.

How can you avoid overwatering and underwatering? There’s an easy solution for that: AutoPots. AutoPots is a simple gravity-fed system for automatic watering of your cannabis and other plants. The system requires no power or pumps and can water plants for days when left unattended.

It’s also a perfect complement to SoHum Living Soils®.

Proper Watering Contributes to Development of Root Structure

In order to take full advantage of the nutrients contained in SoHum Living Soils®, your cannabis plants must extend their roots throughout the container so they can access all of the microbes in every square inch of the grow container.

Overwatering prevents plants from growing the expansive root mass required for plant uptake optimization. When plants get watered too regularly, their rootball remains small and doesn’t grow into the entire container. This leads to the plant failing to gain access to ALL of the microbial colonies dispersed throughout the entire grow container.

AutoPots lets Mother Nature do its work and help to reduce the human errors of over and/or underwatering. Plants can draw the water they need when they need it, without too much water accumulating in the soil or stunting the growth of your plants’ roots

How AutoPots Work

AutoPots offer an elegant solution to the watering problem. AutoPots are a gravity powered, automated growing system that bottom feeds the plants. Each plant is in its own pot in its own tray. The flow of water to the trays is controlled by an ingenious double float valve called the AQUAvalve that locks into place in each tray. Once the reservoir is turned on, the water flows through the piping into the trays which fill to approximately ¾”. When that happens, the AQUAvalve closes stopping the flow of water. The plant than wicks up the water through the openings in the bottom of the pot until the tray is dry. When the tray is dry, the AQUAvalve opens back up allowing the process to repeat indefinitely until the reservoir empties.

This allows plants to optimize the timing and volume of the water they need for maximizing yields and reducing human error using a very simple method. The water to each tray comes from a reservoir available in sizes ranging from 12 to 200 gallons. Gravity pushes the water through the lines into the trays. No water is wasted, no runoff is produced and because of how precise the watering is, you use 50% less water with AutoPot than any other cultivation system. All this with no pumps or electricity!

This is a capillary, bottom-up watering system, which we think is the best for both private and commercial grow operations. It helps stimulate healthy root growth, which in turn allows plants to take full advantage of the nutrients in SoHum Living Soils® products.

How to Use AutoPots

At the start of the veg grow cycle, plant in a smaller container such as a Solo cup. Next, you transplant the plants into the AutoPots and topwater for 5-10 days to encourage root development toward the bottom of the pots.  Feeder roots will grow into the bottom of the containers to source the moisture and once they have, all you do is turn on the  reservoir tap to let the AutoPots fill water into each tray through the AQUAvalve.   For the rest of the grow, you will just have to keep the reservoir full and the AutoPots will ensure your plants have just the right amount of water.

AutoPots come in different sizes, which makes them an ideal choice whether you’re raising an autoflower or photoperiod cannabis variety. Utilize the 3.9-gallon AutoPots for autoflower varieties. This provides an efficient amount of nutrients for these plants’ growth needs. Larger 6.6-gallon AutoPots provide the additional nutrients that photoperiod varieties require. In both cases, SoHum Living Soils® provides enough nutrients for water-only growth with maximum high quality yields.

Combining These Products Creates the Simplest Path to a Productive Grow

When you use AutoPots and SoHum Living Soil products, you are utilizing a simple but powerful solution to achieving a productive cannabis grow. With this solution, you’ll enjoy:

  • Healthy plants
  • High yields
  • No daily watering
  • No timers to program
  • Ability to leave plants unattended for days
  • An organic growing approach
  • Zero waste water
  • No power use
  • Water-only grow that minimizes bio-contamination
  • Use 50% less water than other grow systems

When you combine AutoPots and SoHum Living Soils® products, you will be happy with the health of your plants. With no overwatering and all the nutrients your plants need, you’ll see great growth. This growth will culminate in high yields.

You’ll see these great results despite putting less effort into your grow than you’ve ever done in the past. You won’t have to water your plants daily. You won’t even need to program a timer (which is its own kind of work). Just fill the reservoir and you can leave your plants unattended for days.

Plus, the combination makes your cannabis grow as eco-friendly as possible. Using SoHum Living Soils® is a fully organic growth approach. Because you aren’t adding extra fertilizers, you can avoid adding salt based nutrients to your cannabis, which is a natural bioaccumulator of these materials. In addition, you can be confident that you’re not wasting any water or using any additional power for your watering solution.

SoHum helps AutoPots work better. When you’re not adding fertilizer to the reservoir, there’s no risk of blockage in the lines from algae growth or crystallizing.

This makes SoHum Living Soils® and AutoPots the perfect choice for productive, easy cannabis grows. To enjoy this easy experience, view our store locator to find a SoHum retailer near you.

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