SoHum Living Soils® Receives OIM Certification of Registration

SoHum Living Soils® is proud to announce that we’ve received OIM registration for our living soil products. This certification from the California Department of Food and Agriculture ensures our products are compliant with all California state regulations for organic materials, which is critical for any clean green organic products used in cannabis cultivation throughout the state.

What Is OIM Certification of Registration?

The Organic Input Material (OIM) Program registers fertilizing materials used in organic crop and food production in the state of California. OIM certified materials are verified to comply with the California Fertilizing Materials Law and Regulations and USDA National Organic Program Standards.

In addition, all OIM products distributed throughout the state must be registered with the Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program (FMIP), an industry funded program responsible for enforcing quality standards for organic fertilizing materials. FMIP investigators across the state conduct routine inspections and sampling to ensure all materials adhere to regulations governing the manufacturing and distribution of fertilizing materials in California.

SoHum Living Soils® Is Now Triple Certified

With this OIM certification, SoHum Living Soils® is now triple certified. In 2021, we received OMRI and Clean Green dual certification for our living soil products. These three certifications give you peace of mind that your living soil aligns with clean green, organic and sustainable growing practices.

To receive certification form the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), products are evaluated to determine whether it can be used in organic cultivation and production under the USDA National Organic Program. The Clean Green Certification Program was developed to provide a certification process for cannabis products that is comparable to the USDA organic certification provided for organically grown produce. Clean Green certified cannabis products ensure sustainable conditions were maintained during every phase of the production process, from seed to store.

Very few living soil products have achieved all three of these certifications. This triple certification establishes SoHum products among the premium organic living soil options on the market.

Raising the Bar for Organic, Clean Green Certified Cannabis Cultivation

These certifications are critical for any growers interested in staying on the forefront of the organic, clean green cannabis cultivation movement. To produce a Clean Green Certified cannabis product, CGC inputs and organic growing methods must be used throughout the grow process. OMRI certified soil products provide you with peace of mind that your soil is compliant with all CGC guidelines. In addition, OIM certification is essential for any growers looking to produce organic cannabis plants to be distributed in the state of California.

SoHum living soil products can be used for both indoor and outdoor cannabis growing applications. This complete water-only living soil allows you to maximize your plant’s genetic potential while eliminating any human error associated with the cannabis cultivation process. The end result is a truly hassle-free growing process that yields the highest quality plants possible.

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