Gardening Tips

The Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis In Soil Indoors

What You’ll Need Feminized seeds or female seedlings (clones) A dedicated area to grow your plants Growing containers with adequate drainage Enough SoHum living soil to fill containers Lights-for your first grow, any lights will work. However, you’ll have drastically better results with units specifically designed for indoor growing (HID, LED, T5, or even high-output [...]

What Is Super Soil and What Are Its Benefits?

With the boom of the legal cannabis industry, a peaceful arms race of sorts has emerged: Growers are under pressure to create bigger, better buds that are first to market. With this pressure came high-tech treatments and techniques that have become an industry standard. Most of these techniques come with a downside at the expense […]

A Guide to the Best Cannabis Nutrients

Knowing the best growing medium for cannabis plants is important for cultivating. Getting the most from your plants requires some knowledge of the specific nutrients cannabis needs to grow. The following nutrients are found in SoHum Living Soils, a fully amended potting mix, inspired by True Living Organics.   Feather Meal Feather meal is a [...]

How Much Water Does It Take to Grow Cannabis?

One of the challenges of growing cannabis indoors is knowing how much water to feed your plants. In nature, plants have the advantage of natural rainfall and drainage and only need to be watered during drought conditions. Watering your indoor plants too little or too much will stunt production, and water waste can drastically increase […]

How to Get the Right Temperature for Growing Cannabis Plants

Growing temperature is very important to encourage photosynthesis and promote the health of cannabis plants. Improper temperature can make or break a crop and should be very carefully monitored throughout the plants’ growth cycle.   Temperature and Cannabis Plants The temperature at which a cannabis plant is grown is vital to the health of the […]

Cultivation Requirements for Plant Growth

A growth medium is one of the most important elements of health for any plant. The classic growth medium, of course, is outdoor soil. Over the years, growers have experimented with a wide range of solid, semi-solid, and liquid growth media, each with unique traits. The right growth medium is essential to ensuring that the […]

Get to Know Super Soil

Super Soil? What makes super soil “super?” The term “super” is a connotation given to potting soil that maintains and delivers all the necessary amendments to the plant, at exactly the right time during its growth cycle and without the need to manage pH or add extra nutrients. The Term “Super Soil” was coined by [...]