S2.E5. 2020 Investments. Delivery Drones. Big Business Cannabis. POS Sales.

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What Might Be Attractive Investments in 2020?

Banyan HillAnthony Planas is our guest financial adviser on the cannabis industry. In this Conversation, Mr. Planas builds on his expertise and knowledge to look ahead at the coming year. As new states legalize cannabis use, they function as island economies, due to federal restrictions regarding cross-state commerce.  Stock investment opportunities have opened in unique ways, as the result of rapidly changing expansion, as businesses scramble to respond to ever-changing legislation.

Drones for Cannabis Delivery

GRN fundsJustin Costello is founder and CEO of GRN Funds, an investment firm established in 2014 to provide secure banking resources for small to medium businesses, and ancillaries. In December of 2019, GRN Holdings announced its plans to purchase drones for a business-to-business delivery marijuana delivery service. Seattle could see cannabis these delivery drones in the sky as early as March, 2020. This delivery system could operate at one-tenth the cost of delivery vans. New century legislation is met with new century technology at an ever accelerating pace, Mr. Costello explains how.

The Next Step Up in Cannabis Investing

American Cannabis CompanyEllis Smith takes us to the next level; to the big leagues of cannabis investing. The cannabis industry is proving to be among the most rapidly businesses in American history, even rivaling the home computer industry. As bigger wheels turn, one must consider how big decisions render big consequences, good or bad. To secure a proper investment in a vertically-integrated or stand-alone cannabis business, one needs a current source of information. What’s more up-to- date than today’s blog or tomorrow’s newspaper? It is the people who make the business happen. Mr. Smith shares with us how the American Cannabis Company advises cannabis business owners from inception to operations.

POS Software Expanding the Business

Lightspeed-HQAlexandre Therrien is the Solutions Manager at Lightspeed HQ, which develops technology for small, and mid-sized businesses. As cannabis distribution calls for more conventional wholesale and retail methods, these methods must be employed with the latest technology to keep up with the rapid expansion of sales. With a POS system, stocking is intuitive, selling is easy, and growth happens naturally. Combined with loyalty CRM, merchant services, and a good eCommerce platform – businesses can grow unencumbered. Conventional business now calls for a modernized process, and retail must now think of cannabis as a business.

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