Grow Advice, VPD, Living Soils, and More, with Ellis Smith from SoHum Soils

Ellis Smith from SoHum Soils and American Cannabis Consulting is on the show to talk about grow tips, the regenerative soil movement, and his consulting work. Ellis talks about why he’s so passionate about living soils, and discusses some of his core values both personally as well as at his soil company, SoHum Soils. The conversation turns towards his consultation work, and Ellis shares some of the most common mistakes he sees in the grow industry. He first discusses some of the more generalized issues, like the “master growers” coming from out of their basement and into the industry. Then he gets into specific grow mistakes he sees, and makes an interesting point regarding transplant shock near the beginning of the flowering stage. Ellis also highlights the important of environment and climate, and he specifically address the popular topic of VPD.

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