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Hey, Ellis Smith here reporting from the SoHum Living Soils headquarter, here in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks for tuning in.

I want to talk to you all today about a lot of questions we’re getting on, if the soil ever runs out of food or if I don’t ever have to not add nutrients to the soil.

Some people think that you can just water the plant continuously for round after round after round and the soil will continue to feed the plant. And so I want to just help understand that, go to our website, we’ve got a great tool for you to check out our best practices and to really show you how SoHum Soil works.

There’s only a certain amount of food built into the medium to feed your plant and your container size will dictate how long your plant will be able to eat during that duration of growth. And so I highly encourage you to go check and out the website, look at these best practices, I give you an example of what I’m talking about.

My recommendation on how I grow and through a lot of my systems are like this: I take a fully-rooted clone and I make sure it’s got good established roots. I will put that in a 1-gallon-sized pot and I will grow that plant for about 21 days. And it will probably get to where 16 to 20 inches, depending on the strain and variety.

Ideally, I’ve got anywhere from 8 to 14 tops on that planting, it’s pretty bushy. At that point, the plant is pretty much used to bolus food over that three weeks on that 1-gallon-sized container. If I let it go past that point, I will start to see some deficiencies happen in that plant, some yellowing and some other things if I don’t get in front of it quicker and address, either a transplant or pour nutrients on it, which I’m not trying to pour nutrients on it, I’m going to transplant.

So then I’m going to go to my 7-gallon-sized pot which will be the final home for my plant.

And so what I’m going to do with that 7-gallon-sized pot is put that 1-gallon transplant into it. I will ‘vege’ in that pot size for three weeks in that 7-gallon-sized pot, and then I will go to flowering directly after that. And I will usually flower from anywhere from 65 to 70 days, depending on the variety.

Some may go a little earlier, some may go a little later. But for the most part that is the schedule set out that if I were to flower anywhere past that or ‘vege’ the plant longer than that, the plant will run out of food and I will need to add supplemental feeding. So if you will get online, check out our chart.

It will really help you break down your container size to use, what type of vegetative time you can expect associated with your flowering time to ensure that, with the process you can just add water the whole life through.

Is that simple? Check it out Thanks a lot.

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