Raised Beds & No-Till systems with Sohum Soils


Video Transcript:

Ellis Smith here at the SoHum Living Soils headquarter in Denver, Colorado.

I want to reach out to the audience here and talk about using SoHum Living Soils in raised beds or no-till.

We get quite a bit of phone calls from people calling and asking if they can use SoHum for that. And the answer is always yes.

We know that a lot of folks are using kiddie pools and tarps in their basements or their garages to mix their own super soils just so they can build their own medium to put into their raised bed or no-till growing solution.

Well, don’t go and break your back and do all that stuff. We’ve got the right product for you by SoHum. It’s a great product to use for this, reuse it over and over and over in your system.

Just make sure you know how to reamend your macro and micronutrients that is taken out after that first round harvest. But, please check it out.

SoHum works great for your raised beds and your no-till systems. Thanks.

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