Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

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Gardeners with a green thumb have no boundaries when it comes to growing. If you surround your home with beautiful ornamentals and bountiful vegetables, most likely the inside of your home contains some nice flowers and plants – i.e. begonias, orchids, ferns, cacti, even a hibiscus — and perhaps some herbs in the kitchen. Unfortunately, for many, growing outdoors is much easier as house plants often become infected with disease or attacked by insects.

Growing Cannabis

Just like growing cannabis, the more you know about what the plant likes and dislikes the better your chances are of having a healthy plant. Knowing a little about the natural habitat (e.g., desert, tropical, arid, etc.) of your plant helps you to create an optimal environment for your plants to flourish. Temperature, light, and humidity are all important factors to consider and so is the type of soil and the fertility required…and this where SoHum Living Soils can help.

SoHum Living Soils Unique Recipe

The unique formulation of SoHum Living Soils makes it the ideal soil for a variety of plants. Plants that require a well-drained soil like cacti, succulents, or perennial herbs (i.e. mint, sage, rosemary) benefit from the generous amounts of perlite used in the mix to allow for the formation of air and water pockets. Plants like ferns and orchids that prefer a moist, rich soil draw upon the high organic matter content of SoHum as a result of the sphagnum peat moss and worm castings.

The demise of most house plants is due to overwatering. There is no recipe for watering plants in the home because the conditions vary (e.g., sunny versus cloudy days, long versus short days). Plants use of water fluctuates based on their environment. SoHum Living Soils are designed to take the guess work out of watering by allowing the plant to control how much it drinks. Through the process of capillary action, water is pulled up from the bottom to meet the needs of the plant roots. Having a reservoir of water compensates for the vagaries of the environment and can prevent the root diseases that are often the result of too much water.

Lastly, SoHum Living Soils work in partnership with the plant to meet the fertility needs. Plants like geraniums, African Violets, poinsettias, and gardenias that are pumping out flowers will require a little extra energy (i.e., some extra phosphorus and nitrogen) and a little extra flower power in the form of potassium. SoHum as a living soil is designed with microbial inoculants to provide these nutrients when the plant needs them, in the form they like them, and in the amount they require.

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