Best Soil for Growing

What is the best soil for growing?


Video Transcript:

Alright. Ellis Smith here, with SoHum Living Soils. I hope y’all are doing well today. I want to reach out to y’all and talk a little bit about what is the best growing medium or growing soil for growing cannabis, or any other vegetables for that matter.

There’s a lot of choices that you can look to use and it can be very confusing. There’s a lot of great products on the shelf as you go into a grow store. It can be very, very overwhelming, as you know, uh, to see all the different products on the shelf. There’s a lot of great reputable ones. I won’t name any brands.

But just when you go in there and look and see, you’ve got to truly understand what type of growing methodology are you doing.

Are you going to be using a liquid-based fertilizer? If that’s the case, you can go in and buy some kind of inert medium, whether it’s coconut core or peat-based. And those will work great, by just using a liquid line off the shelf and using one of those products. And there’s a lot of options out there in the marketplace.

Go ask the guys who work in the grow store who they recommend as far as a great vendor for their growing medium. And depending on how flexible you want to be with that coconut core or that peat-based perlite mix, you also can go in and add worm castings and still add your liquid fertilizers if you want to. You can do top dressings with a bat guano and these things, while still using liquid fertilizers.

Or, you can get away from the liquid fertilizers. Look at those coconut coir based mediums, look at those peat and perlite based mediums, and start to look at some of your alternatives for, obviously, adding the worm castings of Vermont compost, looking at other beneficial bacteria and fungus, and adding this into the soil.

And then also looking at bat guanos, kelp meal, a bone meal — all these different spectrums and you can mix that in and use that as fertilizer.

So depending on what you want to do, there’s plenty of options out there for you to use. It’s just a matter of what makes sense to you. Pouring bottles and getting all these different pH-up and pH-down, checking parts per million — all this is going to require a lot more attention to detail so that you don’t mess this up, but you can be very successful at it.

Or you can go buy some living soil like SoHum Living Soils that are pre-made for you, that all you have to do is just go buy a bag and just out of water. Or for the guys that want to make their own living soils or kind of playing both sides, but using some of these dry amendments and using liquid fertilizers — go for it, knock it out of the park. It’s so flexible. You can have so much fun with this.

So I recommend you go figure out what is your taste, what works for you in your time and your commitment to being able to do it weekly. End of the day, do you enjoy the end product of what you’re smoking?

We know that it is getting very, very expensive to buy a product at dispensaries. And if you are legal in your own state to do this, this is going to save you so much money by doing it at home.

So I highly recommend finding the ability to tinker and play and learn and see what works for you. So, I don’t really have an answer to what’s the best growing medium? There are so many different options, but take advantage of going out there, tinkering, and learning for what’s going to work for you.

Ellis Smith at SoHum Soils. Come back and see us next time.

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