Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Within cities and metropolitan communities, a trend is taking root. While the idea is far from new, urban gardening has had an increase in popularity. To put it simply, urban gardening is agricultural cultivation taking place within municipality or heavily populated area. When looking across a cityscape or examining the décor in a friends’ apartment, you are likely to see urban gardens. People are taking up urban gardening for a variety of reasons, motivations for adoption of this hobby pertain to efficiency, sustainability and health. Below, are several of the reasons people are attracted to and benefiting from this practice:


City living is cramped and more often than not, people are confined to small living quarters with limited amount of space for leisure activities. Urban gardens are designed to maximize every amount of any given space, be it growing indoors or outdoors. By means of vertical design, one can produce more product than that of a traditional farm per square foot.

Urban gardens are constructed to be low maintenance for the gardener, freeing up time and energy for other leisure activities. Using a grow system that regulates water, such as the Autopot water system, ensures that plants are fed water consistently and able to intake it at their leisure. This system is able to gravity feed plants, resulting in zero energy usage. This consistency gives way to superior quality product and maximum yields.
In nature, a plant will intake nutrients from the environment it grows in for the purpose of its development. SoHum potting mix provides a full buffet of plant nutrients from the organic amendments packed into the soil, giving it the sustenance it needs through the entire grow cycle. This eliminates the time and guess work spent mixing nutrients into the soil.


Finding quality organic produce is a challenge and a financial drain. The cost of these products in urban settings is traditionally more than other communities. This is attributed to a variety of reasons including; demand, handling, labor and production. Most urban gardening systems lead to considerable water and power savings. When compared to traditional farming, an auto pot-SoHum system uses 90% less water, 4 times less space and has zero water waste. Studies show, a $500 urban gardening system will “pay for itself” after a year of production. Further, relinquishing dependence on the production of food by way of traditional farming decreases the risk of soil erosion, drought, and other problems associated with water and energy usage.

The main reason produce isn’t organic is because the farmer is forced to use chemicals to ensure crops make it through production, especially when the environment isn’t permitting. To effect, farmers will use harmful pesticides to ensure crops make it to market. In a controlled environment, as previously mentioned, the weather is not not a contributing factor to crop yield. With a premium grade all natural amended soil like SoHum, there is no need for chemical additives to ensure quality in your indoor vegetables and fruits.

Mental Health/Stress Relief

The stress of urban living can get to a lot people. Overcrowding and fast paced living can cause a great deal of mental stress to a person living in a major metropolitan area. The effortless attention of gardening can offer a great deal of relaxation and a wonderful outlet to alleviate stress.

According to Norwegian study on mental health, people who have been diagnosed with persistent low mood, depression or “bipolar II disorder” were able to obtain ease from their symptoms after gardening activities. For this study, participants spent six hours a week growing flowers and vegetables over the course of three months. After three months, participants showed measurable improvement from their symptoms. Further, their mood continued to be better three months after the gardening program ended.

Final Thoughts

Urban gardening’s increase in popularity can be attributed for a variety of reasons including; efficiency, sustainability and health. This trend is on the rise for those who value accessibility and excellence in produce. When considering the benefits of urban gardening, there is a newfound quality to their city life.

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