SoHum Living Soils for Veggies

Video Transcript:

Ellis Smith here at SoHum Living Soils here in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for tuning in.

I want to talk to you today about using SoHum in your vegetable gardens. Grows great tomatoes, peppers, whether hot peppers, bell peppers, Poblano peppers.

You can grow great kale and chard with it.

I have a hard time growing leafy greens and these types of things with it. It can grow strawberries, anything that’s fruiting. Give it a whirl, give it a shot. We have seen just tremendous yield improvements from all types of things I’m growing with SoHum in a vegetable garden.

Tomatoes: I’m getting four to six times more yield. The sets are literally four to five times larger as far as the tomatoes themselves.

The seed production coming out of these vegetables will blow your mind when you see what SoHum will do to this.

I promise you won’t regret growing all your veggies in SoHum. The taste and the flavor will stand out, which is why we grow cannabis with it too.

Check it out. Thanks.

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