SoHum Soil 3 Pack – 4.5 Cubic Ft.

SoHum Soil 3 Pack – 4.5 Cubic Ft.


This package contains (3) bags of SoHum Living Soil™. Each bag contains 1.5 cubic ft. of our premium potting mix. Just add water!

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Cannabis in the wild doesn’t require special soil or sun lamps to help it grow. The plants are surprisingly robust despite having evolved in well-drained fertile soils.  However, cultivated strains aren’t as tough as their wild cousins. Growing cannabis plants in the backyard garden or in pots inside the home require a nutrient dense soil that encourages growth and protects the plants from insects, excess moisture, and disease.

SoHum Living Soils are designed to provide plenty of phosphorus for good root development in the early transplant phase, followed by lots of nitrogen for optimal leaf growth during the vegetative phase. When it’s time to flower, the soil microbes will cycle more phosphorus and make potassium available for great bud quality. SoHum Living Soils dynamic soil life helps to alter soil pH throughout the entire life cycle of the plant to accommodate each stage of growth, from seed to flower.

Good Things Come In Threes

At 1.5 cubic feet or 11 gallons of premium potting soil per bag, our three-bag pack is more than enough to supply 7 plants (canopy topped to 3 foot) in standard 5 gallon pots from seed to harvest without them getting crowded or depleting the soil before the marijuana is ready to harvest.

The mix, jam-packed with organic nutrients and minerals, will impart a powerful flavor in your high-yielding crop. Simply add water, turn on the lights and watch your plants grow as they reach for the sky.

Soil Nutrient Density Depletion is Inevitable

While our organic soils pack a powerful nutrient punch, cannabis plants are heavy feeders and absorb minerals and nutrients at an astounding rate. Depending on the size of your container, nearing harvest many of the nutrients have been used up. Some growers attempt to rejuvenate the soil by re-adding in everything from compost to chemical fertilizers and reuse the soil for another plant cycle.

However, few get the mixture right.

This often results in growers “burning” their plants with a soil too rich or imbalanced in nutrients ending up with a product of poor quality. The best way to avoid a disappointing harvest is to invest in fresh soil for each and every crop and recycle the spent soil in your compost pile or in your vegetable garden.

Organic Soil is the Only Way to Go

With the right amount of light, temperature, relative humidity and soil, a marijuana plant will grow strong and tall.  But, the key element in the equation is having a living soil to regulate the plant’s core functions and overall health. SoHum Living Soils are carefully mixed and formulated to provide the right nutrients at the right time in the amounts that plants require them. This keeps the plant healthy and ensures a steady and reliable growth cycle.

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