Living Soil – A Must Have for Natural Cultivation

Maximum Quality Yields. Mother Nature Approved.

Chances are you’ve heard about SoHum Living Soils through the grape vine (pun intended?). If you’ve tasted products grown in living soil, then you have experienced the deliciousness first hand. Living organic soil is the best way to naturally aid plants in achieving their fullest genetic potential. At this point, you are probably asking yourself, “What is living soil?” SoHum provides an all-natural, organic cultivation methodology.  Living soil provides a healthy ecosystem and steady supply of nutrients for plants throughout their life-cycle.

When you look at a living soil, you might just see plain old dirt.  In actuality, you are looking at millions of tiny beneficial organisms that live harmoniously with each other, which helps to break down the rich organic matter within the soil. These microscopic organisms found in living soil are part of an ecosystem that provides plants with a properly balanced diet and healthy root structures for sustained growth.

From seed to harvest, a plant requires a full buffet of premium nutrients to reach its full genetic potential. Individuals not using a living soil, have to simulate this environment by force feeding their plants macro and micro nutrients and carbohydrate boosters on a set feeding schedule.  This makes plant growth reliant on human interaction.  This is just not as Mother Nature has intended. If there is an imbalance of nutrients or error in the feeding schedule, this error can lead to stunted plant development or even crop failure.  A living soil allows the plant be the boss, taking the human out, allowing it to feed and nourish itself as required.

Living Soil Nurtures Diverse Ecosystems

A living soil is an ecosystem of macro and micro beneficial bacteria that supports and nourishes plants by providing a healthy and sustainable supply of nutrients, without dependency of chemicals or pesticides. The living organisms found in living soil include but are not limited to nematodes (tiny worms), fungi, bacteria and other beneficial organisms. Soil is a part of life that exists and thrives in nature. A diverse range of living things found in the soil contribute to the success of living soil:

  • Macro-fauna such as slugs, earthworms and termites
  • Micro-flora including a range of varieties of soil molds, fungi, molds, algae and yeasts
  • Micro-fauna like many types of protozoa and bacteria in soil
  • Other microbes such as actinomycetes

Reaching Full Genetic Potential

Think of your plant like a person.  Someone with a balanced diet of organic food, living in a sustainable environment is likely to live out their entire life in superb health and wellness. A plant’s life cycle is no different.  When a plant has a balanced diet in a healthy environment, it will thrive and reach its genetic potential.  A living soil ensures a plant has a full buffet to choose from throughout its entire life cycle.  Plants and people are the same when it comes to feeding; how would you feel if you were waiting around for someone to give you food? What if you were given food you didn’t want or someone forgot to feed you altogether? You would be exhausted and withering away! Here are some of the benefits of living soils for cultivating the optimal garden:

  • Enhanced flavor
  • Natural pest mitigation
  • Strong roots
  • Low environmental impact
  • pH balanced
  • Sourced from sustainable materials
  • Reduced labor
  • Maximum yields

Balance Through Simplicity

Like so many things in life, the secret is balance.  We need each of these organisms living in soil working in conjunction with each other.  A living soil mix allows the plant to reach its full genetic potential without the limitations of human feeding schedules. Plants in nature are able to flourish because their environment makes all of the beneficial material readily available.  Living soil allows a cultivator to replicate nature by avoiding dependence on chemicals, pesticides and eliminates time spent pandering to tedious feeding cycles.  Living soil leads to happy and healthy plants while freeing up time and effort for the grower.  Living soil will give your garden the most natural and sustainable environment, giving way to maximum yields.  Just as Mother Nature intended.

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