Leveraging IPM to Grow a Safe, Compliant, and High-Yielding Cannabis Crop

Pest control is a significant concern in the cannabis industry and not all pest solutions are created equally. In this webcast, Todd Statzer and Ellis Smith walk us through some of the critical factors to set up a successful IPM program.

Todd Statzer is the Director of Integrated Pest Management for UrbanGro, a company specializing in professional cultivation products and solutions for the cannabis industry. With more than 30 years of experience in IPM, Statzer brings a wealth of information to greenhouse pest controls processes which are safe and effective. With an education in plant pathology, and biopathology from the University of Illinois, as well as, decades of experience in organic farming and Illinois cannabis inspections, Statzer is passionate about seeing that the industry’s future is clean, green and safe for human consumption.

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