Our Natural Ingredients

When feathers are treated with high heat and ground up, you get feather meal – a natural, organic fertilizer ideal for plants that need consistent levels of nitrogen.

Feathers are high in a structural protein called keratin. This fibrous protein is high in nitrogen, the cornerstone of vegetative growth for all plants. Most feather meal is made from poultry feathers from chicken or turkey farms.

What Are the Nutrients in Feather Meal?

With an N-P-K ratio of 13-0-0, we see that feather meal is a great source of nitrogen. Feather meal contains both a mix of readily available N for rapid early growth, as well as slow release N needed for later vegetative growth.

In plants, nitrogen serves as a major component of chlorophyll, the compound that facilitates photosynthesis. Leaf growth and the healthy, green color associated with a premium crop are both made possible through the nitrogen in feather meal.

How is Feather Meal Used in SoHum Living Soils?

In SoHum Living Soil, feather meal works together with bone meal to provide the optimal balance of phosphorus and nitrogen. Just as phosphorus gives plants the energy for growth, nitrogen provides the element required for growth to occur.

Overall Soil Benefits of Feather Meal

No matter whether it’s used inside or outdoors, feather meal encourages more consistent plant growth. Nutrient enrichment occurs right away and then transitions into a long, slow feed that ensures readily accessible nitrogen while reducing the risk of nitrogen burning.

Benefits for Indoor Plants

  • Since feather meal is exceptionally lightweight, it is effective when used in a limited space;
  • Nitrogen release from feather meal lasts a very long time – approximately six months;
  • Feather meal is suitable for many temperamental indoor crops like tomatoes and cannabis.

Benefits for Outdoor Gardens

  • Feather meal nitrogen sparks more intensive root growth and a far stronger root system;
  • It is a potent growth accelerator for several traditional outdoor crops, like corn and beans;
  • It reduces the environmental impact of outdoor gardening by reusing natural materials.

SoHum Living Soil has been lovingly crafted by and for growers. Each ingredient is hand-selected to provide your prize crop with all the benefits nature intended. Our living soil mix helps you achieve larger, healthier yields with greater strength from root to shoot. It is eco-friendly and easy to use for virtually any crop imaginable.

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Our Natural Ingredients


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