Our Natural Ingredients

If you’re on the lookout for the best living soil for sale, it’s important to make a selection that includes crab meal. For as long as people have been living by the sea, crab meal has served as a potent and natural fertilizer. It brings the immense richness of the ocean – including a spectrum of essential minerals and nutrients – directly to your crop in a highly bioavailable form.

What Are the Nutrients in Crab Meal?

Crab meal is a natural source of many of the major nutrients that fertilizers depend on for proper growth. It includes an unusually high concentration of nitrogen, phosphorous, and magnesium. Going a step beyond the norm for most synthetic soil amendments, it also includes lots of calcium.

Not surprisingly, crab meal is enhanced by the environment in which the crab lives and grows. It is extremely high in chitin, the natural “plating” that forms the crab exoskeleton. Chitin is a proven deterrent to fungus gnats. More importantly the enzymes that breakdown chitin (i.e., chitinases) are produced by the cannabis plant as a defense mechanism stimulating the plants immune system. The result is often increased terpene or cannabinoid synthesis.

How is Crab Meal Used in SoHum Living Soils?

Crab meal is one of several SoHum Living Soils ingredients that directly contributes nutrients to your crop. It is the ideal way to enhance difficult crops with the minerals they need to thrive – all without having to spend hours mixing and administering custom soil amendments.

Overall Soil Benefits of Crab Meal

One of the best advantages of crab meal is the fact that it does not harm the pH level of your soil. Artificial fertilizers with comparable quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus will often endanger your overall growing strategy by making your soil too alkaline or too acidic.

Benefits for Indoor Plants

  • Crab meal contains a set of vital nutrients comparable to those in the best fertilizers, including a whole array of trace minerals.
  • It naturally releases nutrients slowly, which is better for plants and growing media.
  • Only a little bit of crab meal needs to be used to obtain its benefits in limited space.
  • The high protein content provides foundational building blocks for terpenes and cannabinoids.

Benefits for Outdoor Gardens

  • Crab meal is 100% ecologically friendly and will not damage the outdoor environment.
  • The natural reactions caused by its chitin have a protective effect against nematodes.
  • It defends against fungus development like botrytis and also prevents blossom end rot in tomatoes.

SoHum Living Soils is a ready-made super soil developed by and for growers. We care about the environment, sustainable practices, and sourcing only the best ingredients (e.g., permitted under the National Organic Program). It’s precisely that dedication to quality that helps our customers achieve healthy, robust, high-yield crops.

Using our products, your most challenging crops will get everything they need throughout the entire annual growing cycle.

To get started, buy SoHum Living Soil today or contact us with any questions.

Our Natural Ingredients


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