Bone meal is a soil amendment created through of grinding of heat-treated animal bones is used primarily as a readily available source of phosphorus (P) in organic systems.

What Are the Nutrients in Bone Meal?

Bone meal is an extraordinarily potent organic fertilizer known for the slow release of key nutrients. It’s particularly valued for phosphorous and proteins (i.e., nitrogen), and may contain as much as 25% calcium.

Phosphorus is one of the essential nutrients in any fertilizer blend, as it gives plants “fuel” they need to convert other nutrients into building blocks for growth. Phosphorus is they key ingredient in plant energy, and is required in high doses when the plant is in times of transition like at rooting and just before flowering.

Proteins are necessary for plant germination and growth. Nitrogen is the core element of amino acids which are the building blocks for proteins. Just like animals, plants rely on proteins to help them build cells. A typical plant has to synthesize a set of 20 amino acids to generate proteins. Bone meal efficiently accelerates the process and supports robust growth.

Bone meal is also known for its calcium, which is integral to forming a strong cell wall, not only for structural support but to deter infection by fungi like powdery mildew. Although bone meal is ideal for a wide range of plants, it’s beloved by organic farmers in search of premium tomatoes.

How is Bone Meal Used in SoHum Living Soils?

Bone meal is a vital part of any quality living soil for sale. Its high phosphorus concentration helps to ensure your plants will derive maximum nutrition from other ingredients. At the same time, its proteins empower crops to grow quickly, fully, and naturally.

As part of SoHum Living Soils, bone meal is noticeable as a fine grayish powder. Its size and texture allows for an even distribution of the bone meal through the rest of the mix. You never need to worry about making sure you’ve gotten enough bone meal into a particular patch of soil.

Because SoHum is a living soil, it contains beneficial microbes that work to breakdown the bone meal to ensure that there is ample P at the desired time (i.e., just prior to flowering).

Overall Soil Benefits of Bone Meal

Thanks to its unique composition, bone meal will give you even larger, hardier crops that will be more resistant to variances in temperature and other hazards. Bone meal is a spectacular way to enhance the performance of other fertilizers and soil amendments.

Benefits for Indoor Plants

  • Bone meal is ideal for sensitive crops that flourish with slow-release phosphorus;
  • It is especially useful for flowering and fruiting plants, such as indoor roses;
  • Bone meal can lead to optimum results for vegetables with a small application.

Benefits for Outdoor Gardens

  • Bone meal can feed plants for up to four months, supporting the whole growing cycle;
  • Thanks to its phosphorous, bone meal encourages a stronger, more resilient root system;
  • Bone meals staves off calcium deficiency, which can completely inhibit leaf growth.

Bone meal benefits are just one way that SoHum Living Soil stands out. Carefully created by and for growers, SoHum will help you cultivate healthier plants with higher yields. To learn more, contact us.

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