The Benefits of Alfalfa Meal in Soil

SoHum Living Soils is a complete solution for giving cannabis and other demanding crops the nutrient and soil profiles they need to grow just as nature intended. As part of our journey to create the ultimate all-in-one super soil, alfalfa meal is one of our key ingredients. Alfalfa meal for plants has long been a successful soil amendment for cannabis and more.

What Are the Nutrients in Alfalfa Meal?

Alfalfa meal provides a nice balance of the major nutrients, namely nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, but also magnesium and sulfur. This balance makes it one of the safest fertilizers to use. Alfalfa is often synonymous with the growth hormone triacontanol. Triacontanol is considered the most powerful plant growth promoter, and alfalfa contains copious amounts. Along with nutrients, plant growth hormones, alfalfa naturally contains high concentrations of vitamins A, B and E, as well as riboflavin, biotin, and folic acid, as well as 16 amino acids.

As a soil amendment, alfalfa meal works with and improves the balance of sugars, starches and proteins in soil, improving nutrient transfer and energizing the activity of beneficial soil bacteria. This not only improves growing conditions, but leads to more flavorful and aromatic crops.

How is Alfalfa Meal Used in SoHum Living Soils?

Alfalfa meal’s natural properties are unlocked when the alfalfa is fermented, beginning a process of bacterial action that will be fully unleashed as part of compost or as a growing medium. As part of our cannabis super soil, it is fully prepared and optimized before being added to our select ingredients. This creates synergistic effects and maximizes nutrient availability. SoHum only uses certified organic alfalfa meal to ensure that no GMO-alfalfa is used.

Overall Soil Benefits

Alfalfa meal serves as an all-natural fertilizer that quickly and effectively replenishes worn-out soil. This enhances the growing potential of depleted soil, especially soil that has been used for long-term seasonal growing. Like many components of SoHum Living Soils, alfalfa meal offers distinct benefits depending upon where and how it is used:

Benefits for Indoor Plants

  • Alfalfa meal enriches soil with nutrients that many other soil amendments don’t provide;
  • It markedly accelerates the results from other amendments by breaking down nutrients;
  • Its relatively low nitrogen content makes it ideal for more sensitive and delicate crops;
  • It’s known to support higher yields and more abundant fruit for many different plants.

Benefits for Outdoor Gardens

  • Alfalfa meal is prized among outdoor gardeners for enriching existing compost heaps;
  • Since it decomposes rapidly, it is effective at getting new outdoor compost started fast;
  • Alfalfa meal has traditionally been used to replenish soil for seasonal outdoor gardens;
  • Only a small amount needs to be used, making it convenient and efficient.

Alfalfa meal is just one of the ingredients in our handcrafted super-soil designed by growers, for growers. Like all of our ingredients, ours is naturally sourced and carefully balanced to create a “just add water” living soil, supporting the full plant cycle.

To learn more, contact us.

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