How to Grow Bigger Cannabis Buds Outdoors and Indoors

There is no greater feeling of success for the personal cannabis gardener than finding the perfect big bud on your plant. It is not difficult to get big buds if you know how to properly set-up and maintain your plants. Essentially, successful growth of big buds comes down to manipulating the growth of your plant, getting it some good light, and making sure it has the right nutrients.

Pruning and Training Your Plants

Successful growth of your plants is mainly about controlling where your plant will produce its buds. Buds come from nodes where leaves and branches grow from the main stalk. To get the biggest buds, it is ideal to keep all of your nodes at approximately the same height. Plants do not usually grow all of their nodes at the same height naturally, therefore, this takes some intervention from the gardener. You have two primary ways to do this:

  • Pruning – Cut off the nodes that are lower down on the plant. Some gardeners have a hard time justifying this because it is effectively removing some places where your plant was planning to produce buds. However, the results are worth it. When buds start growing low on the plant, they don’t get enough light, because the top of the plant is shading them. If you leave those nodes on, your plant will waste energy trying to feed the lower buds that don’t have a chance of getting very big. Prune away the lesser nodes to give your remaining flowers the best chance at growing large.
  • Training – Training is the other way to keep all of your buds at the same height to ensure they are getting enough light. Plants naturally grow unevenly, with some stalks and branches not reaching the height of others. To correct this, crop off the top of the plant or use ties to shape it to make all the branches the same height. When the branches are the same height, the plant disperses equal nutrients and helps every bud get the ideal amount of light.

Light for Cannabis Plants

As previously discussed, lighting is a major key. Your plants should be spaced out enough so every part of the plant can get good light. If you are growing indoors, you can have complete control over the lighting, so it’s important that it’s set correctly. Avoid exposing your plants to too much light, this can burn the top of your plants and damage your buds.

Feed Your Plants

If you want your plants to produce big, bountiful buds, they are will need excellent nutrients to keep them healthy. Things like nitrogen and phosphorous can play huge roles in creating massive buds if you use the right amounts at the right time in the process. For example, nitrogen helps the plant grow strong early in the process. If your plant gets off to a healthy start and grows big quickly, it will be able to produce bigger flowers later.

Once the plant starts to produce its buds, it needs less nitrogen. It is at this point that phosphorous will be more useful because they help the buds become big, heavy, and dense. There are composts and other things you can add to the soil throughout the process to help your plants along, but the most important thing is to start with great soil. Explore our FAQs to learn about the best cannabis soil and how you can set your plants up for success.

Where to Buy SoHum Living Soils®

SoHum Living Soils

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Many gardeners are torn when it comes to things like fertilizers. They want their plants to grow big and strong but are wary of the undesired side effects that can occur from using chemicals on your plants. We offer the natural products needed to keep your plants growing and producing a significant yield of large buds. It is not necessarily about working harder– it is about working smarter. You can do precisely that when you let SoHum Living Soils® provide excellent nutrition to your plants throughout the entire lifecycle. Contact us today to learn more about h

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