Growing Medium Guide for Cannabis Plants

SoHum Living Soils® simply the best soil for cannabis plants. From the novice grower to professional cultivators who love our living soil as it takes most of the guesswork out of fertilizing and maintaining PH levels for your plants.

From seed to harvest, you only need to water and prune. Let our living soils take care of providing the best nutrients for cannabis plants.


What Is Living Soil?

Living soil is the best cannabis soil medium used for indoor or container gardening that contains all of the microbial life that would be found in natural soil.

SoHum Living Soils® produces better results than “non-amended” soils with much less effort expended overall. Plants form a symbiotic relationship with the microscopic life that thrives in the composting earth, and plants grown in SoHum Living Soils® do not require constant feeding with artificial chemicals.

The nutrients for cannabis plants is the best cannabis soil in the market.



Structure Of Living Soil

Living soil is composed of five important parts working together:

• Minerals-The result of nature breaking down larger rocks into tiny pieces over time. Typically, soil minerals are labeled as sand, silt or clay depending on their particle size
• Water-Water is necessary for sustaining life and is extremely important in living soils to keep plant roots and microorganisms alive
• Air-Beneficial aerobic microorganisms require oxygen for respiration, “exhaling” CO2, which dramatically increases root growth.
• Organic Matter-Decaying plant and animal matter that create nutrients which plants need to survive. When decomposition is complete, this matter is called humus.
• Microorganisms-Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes which work to break down organic matter, provide a water network, create carbon dioxide, increase porosity and feed one another to create yet more nutrients.



What Are Signs Of a Good Living Soil?

• A dark, rich appearance is a good sign of organic material and humus that contains the best nutrients  and soil for growing cannabis
• A loose texture that provides plenty of air exchange and excellent drainage
• “Spongy” enough to hold water without getting muddy


Benefits Of Living Soil

• Living soil is less likely to compact and erode, maintaining it’s spongy, airy structure for a long time
• Water moves through it slowly keeping it moist for longer than dead dirt
• Nutrients are retained and are transported to plant roots in the most usable form
• Increased yields
• More complex root and node systems
• Healthier plants
• The soil can be reusable, but may not hold the same nutrients as in the first cycle, however, It can be reused and composted
• Low costs (no need to purchase nutrients, fertilizer or PH stabilizers) It’s all in the mix
• Minimum maintenance
• Very low risk of plant diseases and pests
• No need for toxic chemicals

SoHum Living Soils® has been scientifically designed to provide all of the nutritional requirements of a cannabis plant for its entire life cycle from seed to harvest.

Start growing cannabis the easy way

Quality super soil that yields high results with minimal effort.

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