Get to Know Super Soil

Super Soil?

What makes super soil “super?” The term “super” is a connotation given to potting soil that maintains and delivers all the necessary amendments to the plant, at exactly the right time during its growth cycle and without the need to manage pH or add extra nutrients. The Term “Super Soil” was coined by an organic farmer known as Subcool to describe a super soil recipe designed to help simplify the growing process while still maintaining quality control. Subcool is a published author and an award winning grower with over 30 years of agricultural and horticulture experience.

Low-Maintenance Organics, really?

Super soil was developed around the theory that a properly balanced, nutrient-rich soil would never have a pH or nutrient imbalance. A Super soil potting mix like SoHum Living Soils™ eliminate the experimentation needed to achieve these proper levels, thereby freeing up time without risk of human error. All you must do is ADD WATER!

Organic Super Soil Mix

Why should I switch to a Super Soil?

It’s hard to argue with quality, especially when it comes at a lower cost. When using super soils, plant quality remains high while still maintaining consistency. Whether you are gardening peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers, you will see the same fantastic taste and smell across the board.

In terms of cost, consider all the different nutrients you would spend money on to facilitate plant growth at each stage of development. When comparing two plants growing in 5-gallon pots under a 1000W double ended bulb, with one pot containing super soil and the other pot comprised of a soil base and nutrient additives, you are looking at 4x less in cost.

To answer this question, point blank, super soil will save you time and money while highest quality product.

How can I obtain Super Soil?

I’m sure you have already googled recipes at this point to find the best super soil potting mix. SoHum Living Soils™ takes care of the hard part for you and packages it up so you can make your garden grow. This super soil was designed in Southern Humboldt County, California and perfected in Denver, Colorado. We make this super soil potting mix by hand, with premium organic amendments. Stop by our office in person or visit our shop at

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