Get To Know Our Amendments: Glacial Rock Dust

Get To Know Our Amendments: Glacial Rock Dust

Glacial-Rock-DustGlacial Rock Dust is made from a wide variety of rocks which contain a broad spectrum of trace minerals that are collected and pulverized by the expansion and contraction of glaciers. As the glacier recedes, it leaves behind deposits of glacial moraine.

Soil Remineralization (SR) creates fertile soils by returning minerals to the soil in much the same way that the Earth does: during an Ice Age, glaciers crush rock onto the Earth’s soil mantle, and winds blow the dust in the form of loess all over the globe. Volcanoes erupt, spewing forth minerals from deep within the Earth, and rushing rivers form mineral-rich alluvial deposits.

These jumbled piles of debris are processed into dusts. Nature has already done the work of mixing and much of the grinding. Glacial Rock Dust is an excellent source of readily available calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium plus trace elements and micronutrients. It also increases phosphorus availability to plants.

Within silicate rocks is a broad spectrum of up to one hundred minerals and trace elements necessary for the well-being of all life and the creation of fertile soils. Glacial moraine or mixtures of single rock types can be applied to soils to create a sustainable and superior alternative to the use of ultimately harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Glacial Rock Dust is full of minerals and a very important part of any soil mix.

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