Future of Cultivation

Future of Cultivation

The Future of Cultivation

Without question, cannabis has rapidly become agriculture’s fastest growing sector and is showing no signs of slowing down.  With this leap from infancy to the teen years, the sector is witnessing some growing pains. Recent articles have highlighted the “toxic” nightmare being unleashed from outdoor grow-ops both in terms of pesticide residues as well as nutrients leaching into neighboring water sources.

Unfortunately, indoor cannabis using energy-intensive lighting and hydroponic systems with nutrient-rich solutions that eventually leave the system, are raising concerns about the sustainability of this new “green” revolution.  These issues are not going to help gain widespread acceptance of an already overly scrutinized sector. Thankfully, The American Cannabis Company (ACC) recognized the importance of sustainability from the outset and their design systems.

Super Soil

Whether warehouse or greenhouse, ACC looks to optimize yields through the efficient use of resources without compromising the quality of the end product. ACC’s signature super soil (i.e., just add water), SoHum Living Soils has been created using only ingredients that are approved in organic farming standards, and more importantly, the recipe has been designed to meet the specific needs of the life in the soil.


SoHum has indoor cultivation in mind, helping today’s cannabis industry leaders reproduce the growing conditions nature intended. In an effort to grow the healthiest plant possible, SoHum Living Soils wanted to make sure that the microbes that help produce the co-factors, the enzymes, and the intermediate metabolites that will eventually be the foundation of the plant’s immune system, had all the minerals and nutrients to do so.

A well balanced, nutrient-dense plant is essentially resistant to pests like aphids and spider mites and diseases like powdery mildew and gray mold. We support a totally sustainable approach by eliminating salt-based nutrients, pesticides and added heavy metals. No contaminants of any kind come into contact with SoHum Living Soil, so you can cultivate robust strains for generations.

All-Natural Ingredients

SoHum is balanced to deliver a wide range of living components and soil amendments found in nature. In a living soil system, the plant has to do a lot of the work in order to feed itself properly and more often than not, the plant ends up feeding itself a balanced diet that equates yield with health from a balanced combination of macronutrients, micronutrients, bacteria, and fungi. In striking contrast, systems designed to feed the plant tend to focus on yield and growth leading to weakened cell structure and an imbalance of nutrients in its sap that ultimately lead to insect predation or pathogen infection.

Natural Approach to Growing

With a synthetic medium, growers are constantly testing soil and making adjustments to maintain pH levels. Not so with SoHum Living Soils. Here, the soil does the work. Nutrients are absorbed directly into the root system. All you have to do is add water and “let the soil do its thing.” The formula that makes up SoHum has been tested through years of cultivation and is now precision-balanced to achieve the best results possible every time, so you can too.

Unparalleled Results

SoHum Living Soils helps unlock the full genetic potential of each plant. Our soil is the natural approach to scale your cultivation efforts without compromising on quality in any way. It’s the result of years of work and thousands of hours of input from growers, patients, and others throughout the supply chain. We’ve distilled that expertise into a form that you can pick up and use successfully in minutes – to bring fun and results back into cultivation.

The Future of Cultivation, whether it’s vegetables or cannabis, will be through the use of living soils as the foundation to a plant’s immune system. To learn more about the future of cultivation, visit the Soil Health Institute. You can also browse our online shop to explore SoHum products. We look forward to helping you enjoy the future today by trying our exceptional soils in your cultivation environment.


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