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Ellis Smith

Ellis Smith

Chairman and Founder

Ellis's areas of expertise include:

  • Business Development and Strategy
  • International Business
  • Product Development
  • Horticulture
  • Leadership
  • Client Relations

The cannabis industry is an ever changing landscape that demands strategic planning and experience to operate a sustainable business.

Key Qualifications

Mr. Smith has 22 years of horticultural experience, 15 years owning and operating businesses, and 2 years of international business experience in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. Working in the specialty cut flower market and running indoor gardens early in his career helped him to understand complex growing systems and production protocols while developing his master gardening skills. Some of his accomplishments include assisting in the identification of the Hemp Russet Mite within the Colorado medical cannabis market and working with SKUNK magazine to enlighten and educate the industry. Additional articles in SKUNK magazine highlighted his use of the True Living Organics (TLO) cultivation methodology in a regulated commercial market. He has featured articles in DOPE magazine and Sensi Magazine and he leads a monthly webinar on Cannabis Tech where he features guest speakers in the cannabis industry. Additionally, he has been a speaker and a panel expert at numerous industry events.

To date Mr. Smith, along with American Cannabis Company, Inc. has designed and built over one million square feet of cultivation space, with another 250,000 square feet under construction.

Mr. Smith’s career path has positioned him to play an integral role in helping both individual companies to succeed as well as aiding the emerging cannabis industry to prosper as a whole.

American Cannabis Company

Founded to meet the needs of the rapidly developing cannabis industry in Colorado and emerging markets. ACC guides companies in how to operate successful cannabis businesses while doing so in a compliant, ethical manner.
Key achievements include:
  • Deployed SOP procedures for clients resulting in a 50% increase in efficiency and yields.
  • Assist clients in strategic planning, facility design and how to deploy a patient centric model.
  • Guided clients in emerging markets including: CO, AZ, MA, CT, WA, MN, FL, IL, NV, MD, CA, MI, OH, PA, LA, AR, MO, ND, HI and Canada.
  • Launched “The Satchel” a child safety packaging solution for the Colorado cannabis market.
  • Developed the Cultivation Cube, a commercial scale production solution aimed at reducing waste and mitigating risk for clients using recycled shipping containers.
  • Created an organic based cultivation system coupled with ethical pest management strategies to provide patients higher quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis.
  • Built over 1 million square feet of grow space.
  • Creator of the High-Density Cultivation System (HDCS)
  • Handcrafted SoHum Living Soils.
  • Geoponics methodologies
  • SoHum Soils 2017 High Times STASH Award for best soil.

The Green Solution


Originally hired as an Assistant Grow Manager and expediently took over the position of Grow Manager within the first month of employment. Managed cultivation duties including plant management, work flow, task management, employee management, leadership and regulatory compliance.

Key achievements include:
  • Adjusted process and procedures for cultivation leading to an increase in production of over 100% within 3 months of employment.
  • Developed task management tools for efficient work flow.

The Village Green Society


Teamed up with a group to establish a vertically integrated dispensary and cultivation operations with headquarters in Boulder, Co. Managed cultivation duties including plant management, work flow, task management, employee management, licensing, legal and regulatory compliance. Lead project manager for cultivation practices and deployment. Managed grow staff and oversaw all aspects of the cultivation process.
Developed strategic organic cultivation process and implemented the largest True Living Organics (TLO) operation in North America.

Key achievements include:
  • Managed all cultivation activities allowing for a successful operation with 100% sell through
  • Managed grow location and staff ensuring safety, compliance and patient satisfaction.
  • Created the first large scale indoor True Living Organics (TLO) operation to better meet the needs of patients covered in a national industry publication.
  • Worked with the cannabis industry to identify and mitigate a previously unseen pest known as the Hemp Russet Mite
  • Designed and built the grow for The Village Green Society, a Boulder CO, company.
  • Implemented the second Cultivation Cube concept with a 10’ x 30’ wood cube.

Bluebird Productions DBA Thrillhead Creations


Video production company that focused on wedding videos, educational training videos and creating travel documentaries based around skiing and snowboarding.

Key achievements include:
  • Released three ski films that were featured on an East Coast Tour and a Rocky Mountain Tour
  • Developed a unique brand of ski films hinged on sustainability.
  • Created video marketing materials for Chaco Sandals.
  • Established a sustainable ski tourism program in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia called “40 Tribes”.

Palmer Flowers


Began career as a flower processor learning about over 100 different varieties of flowers. Worked in the greenhouse watering plants, feeding plants and managing pest control as well as creating floral and plant displays. Worked as a floral delivery driver and became manager of that department. Key achievements include:

Key achievements include:
  • Managing a variety of departments through the course of employment.
  • Learned integrated pest management practices
  • Greenhouse plant management and leadership
  • Plant and flower identification
  • Overall passion for plants and horticulture


  • Colorado State University, Boulder Colorado Bachelor of Science
  • Outward Bound, Washington State
  • Colorado Mountain School AIRIC Avalanche Level I and Level II

Publications & Working Papers

Monthly webinars hosted with Cannabis Tech

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Humility: The Secret Ingredient to Growing Cannabis, Sensi Magazine Denver

12 Tips for Great Indoor Facility Design & Layout, Cannabis Business Times Magazine

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