Combining Science And Nature

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Combining science and nature with Stacy Cason from Planetarie. Stacy is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse educational background. She is an Ironman, an investor, a speaker, and has been an active philanthropist for many years. Stacy is eager to lead this organization into the future. Through science and with great passion, by perseverance and empathy, and with bold expectations, they exist to revolutionize wholeness for all living beings and for our world. We envision all living beings as being full of health, happiness while flourishing in a harmonious, symbiotic relationship with our world.

3 Rivers Biotech

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3 Rivers Biotech with VP Sales and Business Development, Kevin Mehr. Washington is the home of their licensed facility, but they ship premium tissue cultured plants all over the US and world. From Washington to Florida, they’re here to help hemp farmers de-risk their operations, scale their production safely, and reap the benefits of this exciting crop. Almost every clonally-produced crop has moved to tissue culture plant starts for a reason. Plants that are starting disease-free tend to be highly vigorous throughout their life cycle and focus more energy on growth and secondary metabolite production, augmenting the performance of the crop and economic return.

High Performance Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

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High performance indoor cannabis cultivation with then director of enterprise Solutions at urban-gro, Colin Ferrian. Urban-gro, Inc. is a leading engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high performance indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world. The company’s ag tech division, Soleil Technologies, delivers data-driven micro-climate intelligence using high-density sense technology to improve crop quality, consistency, and operational efficiencies. By combining its design and integration services, industry-leading suite of cultivation equipment and crop management products, and proprietary technology solutions, urban-gro provides integrated solutions for today’s commercial cannabis cultivators to efficiently manage and optimize their cultivation operations. With Urban-Gro’s foundational Cultivation Space Programming services through their full building mechanical engineering and integrated cultivation design services, their coordinated design packages ensure the efficient interaction between the people, plants, and processes. Whether you’re designing a new cultivation facility or ready to scale up to a larger operation, Urban-gro’s team of drafters, engineers, and commissioning agents can help. They bring decades worth of combined commercial cultivation experience to craft fully-integrated systems and technology solutions.

World-Class Training Products

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World-class training products and services with Mike Thompson of SVI LLC, creator of Learner Mobile. SVI designs customized and off-the-shelf products to address every aspect of an organization’s training needs, including design, delivery, management, and evaluation of development programs. Their solutions are delivered on multiple platforms, including web and mobile, to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. When topics require a tailored approach, SVI develops customized instructor-led courses, career assessments, and on-boarding programs for all levels of employees. SVI’s talented team of writers and designers constantly challenge themselves to provide a fresh, innovative learning experience that is engaging, entertaining, and relevant. With Learner Mobile, you can create beautiful, bite-sized content in a flash.

Ojai Energetics

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Ojai Energetics with founder and CEO, William Kleidon. Ojai Energetics is a certified B-corporation that supports fair trade, sources organic, and operates its own genetics farm in Oregon. They are creators of Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir, the most bioavailable and advanced micro-encapsulation process in the industry. Their proprietary method of encapsulating CBD oil in water is the most effective delivery system of CBD available.

Sun Grown Assisted Cultivation

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Sun grown assisted cultivation with Marcus Naramore and Leo Matz, of LeafWerx. LeafWerx is a company owned and operated by friends and family who strive to deliver the best quality product for the best value to their customers. LeafWerx utilizes large scale sun grown or sun grown assisted cultivation to produce a sustainably conscious flower. With the focus on rare genetics and targeted cultivars, they are able to produce premium cannabinoid and terpene feedstock at the best value.

Adjusting Your Environment: How Lighting Affects Cannabis Cultivation

In this webcast, Sean Sangster, project manager for Fluence by OSRAM’s horticulture services team, discusses:

*Horticultural lighting basics and light’s role in plant responses.

*Lighting’s effect on other key environmental inputs in a cannabis facility.

*Considerations for lighting in regard to integrated pest management strategies.

Solving Storage Problems In Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

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Solving storage problems in indoor cannabis cultivation facilities with Curtis R. Dadian, National Sales Manager at Pipp Horticulture: Pipp Mobile Storage System Inc. (parent of Pipp Horticulture) has been designing space-saving systems for the past 40 years that are responsive to customer-specific storage needs. They are dedicated to solving storage problems in retail stores, offices, manufacturing companies, and institutions worldwide. Pipp Horticulture was launched in early 2017 to serve the explosive indoor cultivation & agricultural facilities market.

Food and CBD, The Perfect Pair

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Food and CBD, the perfect pair with Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake, Founders of Greater Goods. Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake, the wife-and-husband duo behind Greater Goods. They’re not new to the alternative wellness world; in 2014, they started a medical cannabis company with a very potent and great smelling topical, then quickly launched an edible line of truffles and chocolate bars, rapidly expanding in the state of Oregon. They now run a thriving cannabis business in the recreationally legal market today.

Beyond What The Eye Sees

How to save harvests, money, and maximize yield with spectral imaging for cannabis.

In this webcast, we hear from Rob McCorkle of Emerald Metrics about how spectral imagery is changing the game for cannabis grow operations. By monitoring plants and providing growers with actionable intelligence, the technology at Emerald Metrics dives into cannabis plant health and other issues which would typically go unseen to the naked eye.

While human intuition is incredibly valuable in cannabis cultivation operations, nothing compares to technology. Emerald Metrics uses spectral imagery for cannabis to detect plant diseases, pests, and environmental contaminants that can wreak havoc on a crop. In addressing issues early on in the growth cycles, their spectral imaging systems offer insights to growers, giving them the competitive edge in a vastly changing industry.