Cannabis Banking

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Cannabis Banking with attorney and CEO of Abaca, Dan Roda. Dan is a sought-after speaker on cannabis banking and compliance. With degrees from Tulane University, Villanova University, and the University of Alabama, Dan hit the professional world as a corporate attorney. As Dan’s cannabis industry client roster grew, he noticed a consistent problem: banking. Dan has been splitting his time between Colorado and Arkansas growing Abaca to help solve the cannabis industry’s banking problem. Abaca is a financial and regulatory technology company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, that facilitates electronic payment processing, banking, lending, and financial services for underbanked and nontraditional industries and communities. They’re not just a fly-over state. They’re down here on the ground solving one of the most complex banking problems. Based in Little Rock and with a satellite office in Denver, Colorado, Abaca’s team of legal and financial technology experts founded Abaca to unlock modern financial services for one of the largest underserved industries in America… cannabis.

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