Become a SoHum Authorized Retailer

SoHum Living Soils authorized retailer

In an effort to establish a true partnership with our valued retailers, SoHum Living Soils® has created an Authorized Retailer Program. When you become a SoHum Authorized Retailer, you will experience all of the benefits associated with being part of the SoHum family.

As part of our SoHum Authorized Retailer Program, you will receive the industry insights, marketing, and technical product support you need to differentiate yourself as an industry leader.

In addition, all of our Authorized Retailers will be included in the store locator on the SoHum Living Soils website, making it easier to drive customers to your business.

How to Become an Authorized Retailer

Becoming a SoHum Authorized Retailer is easy. Simply set up an account with one of our representatives by contacting us today. There are currently no membership fees or additional costs associated with being an Authorized Retailer. For those seeking terms, an additional credit application process is available.

Elevating the Standards of the Cannabis Experience

At SoHum Living Soils®, we are committed to elevating the standards of the cannabis experience by providing the finest quality soil products available. Our living soil allows growers to produce a higher quality finished product using a water only organic growing method, all while generating exceptionally good yields with no flushing required!

Sustainable, greener growing is becoming a dominant trend in the cannabis industry. By offering SoHum products, you will establish your business as a leader on the forefront of this growing trend. As an Authorized Retailer, you will be setting your customers up for success and ultimately, this will help your business thrive.

Please contact us today to learn more about how to become a SoHum Authorized Retailer.

New SoHum Bulk Totes Cut Labor Costs for Commercial Growers

SoHum Living Soils is proud to announce the arrival of our new custom commercial totes. These bags are geared specifically for commercial growers, and they offer a variety of benefits compared with other bulk totes currently on the market. You’ll save time, labor and money, making this packaging design a must-use with your grow operation.

The Most Effective Way to Deliver Your Product in Bulk

SoHum Living Soils Custom Commercial TotesOur new totes provide a better way for SoHum Living Soil to be delivered in bulk. The design of our totes incorporates three primary features which help to lower annual operating expenses:

  • 2 cubic yard size – This bulk delivery size is equivalent to 39.6 of our standard 1.5 cubic foot bags, allowing your operations to maximize work productivity and efficiency with fewer employees, saving capital on labor and improving your profit margins.
  • Spout bottom – Our new totes are designed with a spout/funnel on the bottom to release the flow of product from the bottom of the totes. This eliminates the need to shovel out soil from the top, which is labor intensive. Most other totes use a flat sewn panel on the bottom, requiring the tote to be cut or the soil to be dipped out with a smaller five-gallon bucket, again creating additional labor costs. Our bottom spout is a 14-inch diameter tube that is 18 inches long on the bottom of the tote. In addition, the spout discharge has a rope drawstring to allow for the flow soil into your grow containers. With the use of a forklift or a tractor with a front-end loader, the tote’s four lift loops can hold the tote above the grow containers that need to be filled with soil. Using the spout and drawstring flow gate, these containers can be quickly filled, and soil can be dispersed in an assembly line manner in order to save valuable time and money.
  • Double stack capability – Most totes on the market cannot be double stacked on a pallet and therefore create unnecessary shipping costs. We purposely designed our totes so they CAN be double stacked ,resulting in twice as many totes on a flatbed semi-trailer and effectively slashing logistics costs in half when compared to traditional totes.

In addition to saving time, labor and money, our custom totes leave a smaller ecological footprint than standard bags. Using our totes will allow you to ensure your grow operation remains on the forefront of sustainable, greener growing.  As an additional benefit, our spout bottom totes can be repurposed for a variety of uses around your operations.

Helping You Grow Your Business

When you work with SoHum Living Soils, you benefit from the expertise of long-time growers who share your passion for the industry. Our products are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your efforts. This includes living soil product that optimizes your plant’s genetic potential organically, and spout bottom totes which streamline your operations and allow you to operate at optimal levels of efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from our Cleaner Green Retail Program™ focused on helping you grow your business. We’ll provide you with the insights, marketing and product support you need to distinguish yourself as an industry leader who prioritizes sustainable, greener growing practices.

Order Your Custom Commercial Totes Today

Our Custom Commercial Totes are exclusively available through SoHum Living Soils. Please contact us today to place your order.

SoHum Living Soils® Online Sales Will Look Different in 2021






At SoHum Living Soils®, we truly value our customers and always strive to provide the best possible experience for you. Part of this involves creating the best soil products that will allow you to enjoy an exceptional growing experience to achieve cleaner, greener cannabis plants. But it also involves making it as easy as possible for you to get the products you need for your grow operation. With this goal in mind, we’ve made some important changes to the way our sales will be conducted in 2021.

Our New Online Sales Process

SoHum Super Soil Single BagStarting January 1, 2021, we will be discontinuing online sales of our soil products directly through our website. Instead, we’re transitioning to a model that allows you to order directly through the retailer or distributor closest to you. We’re working on a robust store locator that will be added to our website as soon as it’s complete. This store locator will show you which of our distributors do local shipping in your area.

For orders of less than 30 bags, you’ll be able to use our new store locator to identify the nearest retail store in your area. If your order is larger than 30 bags, please reach out to us directly to place your order.

Benefits of the New Process

We’ve put a great deal of thought into this new process and truly believe it will provide benefits to everyone involved:

  • It allows our product to be more readily available nationwide, making it easier for our valued customers throughout the country to have access to our soil
  • By expanding into more retail channels, you’ll save money due to the elimination of shipping costs associated with direct online sales from our website
  • We’re actively adding new retailer partners nationwide, making it easier for you to access our soil products
  • This new process will foster a stronger relationship between SoHum, our retailer partners, and our valued customers

We’re always looking for new retailers to connect with. If you don’t have any retail locations nearby which currently carry our products, please let us know which stores in your area you’d like to see offer SoHum soil and our team will work to make the connection.

Contact Us

At SoHum, we’re truly passionate about growing. As long-time growers ourselves, we take pride in providing an exceptional quality product and we’re always excited to exchange growing tips. Please contact us at any time to talk growing, learn about our soil, or to just become an active part of our community.