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5 Shocking Reasons Why Cannabis Extraction is Growing

Recreational marijuana is opening up the way for innovation in this field. For those who live in states where marijuana is legal, consumers have been seeing a growing cannabis extract movement. But cannabis extraction is nothing new. Cannabis extracts were used as a pharmaceutical throughout the 1800s and were primarily extracted via botanicals. When cannabis […]

The Challenges of Growing Cannabis Indoors vs. Outdoors

Cannabis cultivation is one of the oldest farming trends in human history. Many states now have laws on the books allowing individuals to cultivate cannabis crops. New growers will have to decide whether indoor or outdoor cannabis growing is the path they wish to pursue. Finding success with initial crop yield becomes easier when there […]

Growing Cannabis: Why Regular Soil Is Not Ideal

Everyone has heard about people just growing cannabis in their backyard or out in the woods. Yet as with any crop, growing cannabis in regular soil really is not ideal. If you have ever grown fruits or vegetables, you know that different types of plants need different nutritional content. Even growing something as simple as […]

When to Top Cannabis Plants

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors topping your cannabis plants helps to produce a bigger and better yield, which is every grower’s primary goal. The first thing to understand is that topping is an exact cut at the node, and while that sounds easy, the timing of topping is critical. Topping forces the plant to […]

Why Cannabis Soil Is a Top Choice for the Home Grower

For large scale dispensary operations and cannabis facility design, the decision to grow with soil or hydroponics is based on many factors. But as cannabis laws and regulations continue to expand ways in which people can legally grow, consume and sell marijuana, home growing operations are becoming more popular than ever. While the average home […]