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SoHum Living Soils​® was created to combat complex cannabis cultivation strategies. Created by Southern Humboldt California County cultivators, SoHum Living Soils​® is a complete living soil that optimizes a plants genetic potential. The soil science behind SoHum Living Soils​® is tried and tested and based in organic agricultural practices. SoHum Living Soils​® creator uses this soil to grow his plants, his neighbors use the soil for their tomatoes, and his family of farmers all competes against one another for summer garden bragging rights… their secret ingredient for success? SoHum Living Soils​®.

Knowledge developed over years of integrating industrial and traditional farming methods. Science-based meta product sourcing ensures the highest quality ingredients and the best results.

SoHum Living Soils​® was created by cannabis entrepreneurs who harvested the harmony of plant and soil synchronicity to achieve the consistent yield at the lowest cost. No need to add anything but water and time.

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Designed to be ready to use, SoHum Living Soils​® is a complete soil solution for indoor cultivation. SoHum Living Soils​® create cost savings for the facility, and a safer product for the consumer. SoHum Living Soils​® combines the best of modern science and agriculture with traditional expertise and farming knowledge.

Geoponics is the science of using the naturally occurring elements in soil and plant photosynthesis in a symbiotic approach to a successful harvest. In this interview, Ellis Smith (ACC) speaks with Dr. Av Singh, PhD about the importance of combining traditional farming methods with modern agricultural practices in order to produce the desired results. SoHum Living Soils​® are created with this symbiotic relationship in mind. You will learn about living soils, plant behavior, and key plant science information that will help increase yields, decrease potential pest problems, and decrease labor costs.

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