The Cannabis Cultivation Timeline: Stages of Development

First-time growers often have the same question: how long does it take for a cannabis plant to grow from a seed? Knowing the cannabis cultivation timeline is important, as it indicates when your plant is ready to be harvested. You can also use this information to learn about the growing process and signs of healthy […]

How Much Water Does It Take to Grow Cannabis?

One of the challenges of growing cannabis indoors is knowing how much water to feed your plants. In nature, plants have the advantage of natural rainfall and drainage and only need to be watered during drought conditions. Watering your indoor plants too little or too much will stunt production, and water waste can drastically increase […]

Growing Medium for Cannabis Plants

    SoHum Living Soils® simply the best soil for cannabis plants. From the novice grower to professional cultivators who love our living soil as it takes most of the guesswork out of fertilizing and maintaining PH levels for your plants. From seed to harvest, you only need to water and prune. Let our living […]